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3/2016 DI Press Is a ‘Neat Little Package’ for DCMO BOCES - Article by In-plant Graphics
"...the cost of color clicks coming off a color copier can’t compete with the cost per impression coming off the DI press...”
2/2016 Presstek DI Customer Story in In-plant Graphics Magazine
Colorado DOT Adds DI Press
2/2016 Presstek DI Customer Story in In-plant Graphics Magazine
Columbia College’s ‘Adventure into Digital Printing’
9/2015 International Minute Press Buys 52DI at Graph Expo
9/2015 The DI Gurus
Down near the south coast of Eastleigh is a company making great strides by mixing digital print with two Presstek DI presses...
8/2015 Waterless Plate Arrives in Gulf
Presstek's Zahara chemistry-free plate technology is being targeted at label and narrow-web printers
5/2015 Bridging the Gap - Application Fit
Presstek's Simon Cosh suggests an alternative solution for those tricky run lengths between mainstream digital print and litho.
12/2014 Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions Video
DI digital offset presses, New Zahara Waterless CTP plates, Inkjet plates, Thermal and Inkjet CTP systems...Presstek enables your success with high quality eco-friendly products that remove complexities, chemistry, and waste from the print production process.
8/2014 PrintWeek Article: Me & My Presstek 52DI-AC
Suderland-based trade printer Where The Trade Buys, installed a Presstek 52DI-AC and found the waterless and chemistry-free process to be a very worthy investment.
7/2014 Presstek's CEO Jeff Beck is interviewed by industry journalist Cary Sherburne.
Read about Presstek's strategy and business updates on (click on the link above).
1/2013 In-Plant-Graphics - New DI Press at University of Colorado
To meet demand for 4-color runs that were too long and costly to produce on their HP Indigo, Imaging Services at CU-Boulder installed a Presstek 34DI.
11/2012 In-Plant Graphics - Expanding into Four-color
By adding a Presstek 52DI digital offset press, University of Southern Indiana Publishing Services has brought the majority of the school’s four-color work back in-house.
10/2012 In-Plant-Graphics - Penn State Adds DI Press
Multimedia & Print Center improves quality and efficiency while lowering production cost with a Presstek 52DI.
11/2011 In-Plant Graphics - Church Enjoys In-House Advantage
Presstek 52DI is the newest addition to this in-plant which provides materials to more than 3,000 churches.
9/2011 In-Plant Graphics - Building a Better In-plant
By adding an array of new equipment including a Presstek 75DI, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Print Solutions has cut costs, attracted new business and increased its value to the company.
8/2011 Printing Impressions – Filling the Mid-Range Void
Hudson Printing added a Presstek Dimension Pro 800 using Aeon plates, and a Presstek 52DI digital offset press. These acquisitions rounded out the shop's production platform so they can now meet all customer needs. Hudson Printing attributes at least 30 percent of their growth in 2010 directly to these investments.
8/2011 Print & Paper Monthly - Direct Imaging, Green Imaging
New press investments can help print companies to improve their environmental performance. Print & Paper Monthly speaks to two companies that have found such a boost through DI press technology.
7/2011 Inky Fingers - Challenging Times
Rhys Daube of Printing Supplies and Machinery, Presstek's New Zealand dealer, and Tim Sawyer, Presstek's Director for the Asia Pacific Rim talk about the state of the local print market and the role DI is playing.
5/2011 DPS Magazine – Bridging the Gap
This articles looks at how DI presses fit in to today’s digital production environment by looking at the history of DI, reviewing the capabilities of today’s DI presses and talking to existing users.
5/2011 Print & Paper Monthly - Aurora Stands Up to DXP Inspection
DXP Print Solutions a Wickford, Essex UK printer has a staff of 13. They have been using chemistry-free Presstek’s Aurora plates for two years, having switched over from conventional chemistry-based plates.
3/2011 In-Plant Graphics - You Can’t Keep Offset Down
Many in-plant shops are adding offset presses to enhance their value to the organization including BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee who purchased a Presstek 75DI to produce larger format on-demand jobs that still require that same fast turnaround time.
3/2011 In-Plant Graphics – Shedding A Negative Attitude
Colorado’s Division of Central Services knew it needed to eliminate chemicals and film, and switch to a CTP workflow. Here’s how the in-plant went about it with a Presstek Vector FL52.
3/2010 In-Plant Graphics - Survey Helps In-plant Justify Digital Press
After detailed customer surveying, University of Nebraska Medical Center Printing Services discovered it needed a digital press. It added a Presstek 34DI, and now business is booming.
10/2009 In-Plant Graphics - Getting Into The Game
University of Colorado Boulder selected a Presstek Vector TX52 when bringing platemaking inside. The solid ROI and environmental benefits were key factors in their decision.
6/2009 Printing Impressions - Spreading Digital's Gospel
Tulsa, OK based Odyssey Digital uses its new Presstek 52DI digital offset press, to handle longer runs of up to 75,000. The printer finds it ideal for producing various materials for point-of-purchase (POP) kits.
6/2009 Graphic Arts Monthly – How’d They Print That?
Learn how a rich and complex 7-color, print sample—CMYK, metallics and a combination of varnishes—can be printed on a 4-color Presstek DI digital offset press.
5/2009 In-Plant Graphics – DI Presses In the In-Plant
In-plants from around the globe are installing DI digital offset presses. Why do they feel DI technology is so well suited to their mix of work? The article highlights how several in-plants have successfully incorporated DI Presses into their production portfolio.
3/2009 PrintWeek – Presstek Vector FL52
Print Team’s managing director, Damian Smith, has been impressed with this low-cost, chemistry-free platesetter’s high quality and speed.
2/2009 In-Plant Graphics – Open Houses, California Style
Three university in-plants in California discuss their successful open houses and offer tips to help other in-plants plan their own.
2/2009 PrintWeek – GP Print Ups Workload with Presstek Purchase
Presstek 34DI press opens up short-run markets and picks up new clients for GP Print.
1/2009 In-Plant Graphics - Bucknell Adds Green CTP
The in-plant at Bucknell University recently experienced some significant upgrades, both in technology and management structure. The 23-employee department is now ‘greener,’ more productive and more integral to the university’s communications strategy. The Lewisburg, Pa.-based in-plant has upgraded its polyester CTP system to a chemistry-free Presstek Vector solution.
12/2008 New England Printer and Publisher
The Harty Press, Inc. in New Haven, CT., has upgraded to a Presstek 52DI. The increased speed and automation, in addition to the larger sheet size expands the range of jobs they can effectively produce. Harty prints runs from 1,000 to 20,000 two two-shifts a day on their 52DI.
12/2008 Canadian Printer - Balancing The Books
Friesens Corporation in Altona, Manitoba, the largest privately-owned book printer in Canada, is retooling to meet all the needs of its publishing clients with a Presstek 52DI as part of the mix.
11/2008 Printing Impressions – Ready, Willing and Able
Star Print and Mail in Philadelphia is leveraging a production blend of its new Presstek 52DI press, conventional offset and digital toner-based printing to optimize its capabilities and improve its competitive advantage.
11/2008 In-Plant Graphics – DI Press Brings New Opportunities
Columbus State University in Georgia was able to justify a Presstek 34DI because it could pay for its self. More than a third of their print volume was being sent outside at commercial rates; by bringing it back in-house they stood to quickly pay for the press and then save the university money going forward.
11/2008 In-Plant Graphics – Ike Devastates University, Spares New Press
Just days before Hurricane Ike brought hit the University of Texas Medical Branch, staff at their in-plant shop began receiving training on their new Presstek 34DI press and chemistry-free Dimension 800 platesetter. Luckily the storm spared their new equipment. Today they are looking forward to becoming a high-quality four-color shop.
10/2008 Graphic Arts Monthly – A Digital Offset Gap
The article summarizes the results of a 2008 InfoTrends study of DI users. The study found Presstek DI offset presses are seen by users as well suited to bridge a gap between longer runs on offset and shorter digital toner runs.
10/2008 SustainCommWorld – Growing Your Business by Going Green
"Growing Your Business by Going Green", a white paper from Presstek explains how adopting environmentally friendly printing practices can save print service providers both time and money. Click here to download the complete paper.
5/2008 In-Plant Graphics – Busy Library Checks Out a DI Press
A new four-color digital offset press has allowed the King County Library System to bring outsourced work back in-house saving thousands of dollars.
3/2008 MAIL – Transition to a Full Service Printer
After more than 20 years as a full service lettershop, Catawba Mailing Service can now be called a full service printer with the addition of a new Presstek 52DI waterless offset press
6/2007 In-Plant Graphics – DI’s New Niche
Direct Imaging can be a viable technology bridge between digital color and traditional litho. This article explores some factors to consider when evaluating DI technology.
6/2007 Printing Impressions – Direct Imaging Devotees
City Colors Digital Printing Center in Miami is focused on the basics: market opportunity, customer needs, a streamlined workflow, and the right equipment to do the job—two 52DI presses, in fact. High-quality reproduction, quick turnaround and price are key to the company’s success.
4/2007 Print Action – DI Makes First Contact
A 52 DI press, installed at Contact Printing & Mailing Ltd. in Vancouver, increases the company’s productivity. Read more to learn why they chose a DI press and how they are now able to reduce waste.
4/2007 Graphic Arts Monthly – Direct2Profit
Who is installing DI presses, how are they being used, and what are the results? This article explores who is reaping the benefits the DI press delivers and includes an in depth look at how DI works.
3/2007 In-Plant Graphics – A New Age Of Print in San Diego
San Diego State University ReproGraphic Services has left outdated technologies behind and moved into direct imaging offset and on-demand digital color printing.
3/2007 Quick Printing – Copy Cop: A Digital Transition
Copy Cop opened up a printing company (Digital Printing Company) that has direct clients and that uses primarily the Presstek DI.


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