Presstek Company Overview

A synopsis of Presstek’s mission and solutions for today’s changing print market.

Presstek 75DI Overview

Learn how the Presstek 75DI meets today's market demands for high-quality fast turnaround short run color printing done in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

Product Demonstrations


Presstek 75DI Press Demonstration

See how the Presstek 75DI goes from digital file to printed sheet in six minutes.


Presstek DI Press Demonstration

See how Presstek DI presses are designed to produce high-quality color printing in runs up to 20,000 profitably.


Presstek DI Press: Precise Registration Printing

See how Presstek DI’s Zero Transfer Printing (ZTP) process allows for first sheet registration— all four colors are laid down onto the sheet without sheet transfer.

Industry and Presstek Representatives

Chuck Werninger

University of Arkansas Little Rock

Chuck Werninger of the UALR talks about how they are better serving the university community and the state government with the installation of a Presstek 52DI press.

Interview with Bob Tapella

Interview with Bob Tapella from the Government Printing Office on the installation of the Presstek 52DI and how it will fit in with his other presses.