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As office printing has become increasingly sophisticated, and “Big Box” office superstores have introduced expanded printing services, smaller printers have had to reinvent their businesses to differentiate themselves.  Much of the “bread and butter” work that kept the cash register busy ringing up sales has gone in-house or online, and quick printers are adding different services to keep the revenues rolling in.  Chief among these is fast-turn four-color printing. In fact, 87% of small commercial and quick printers surveyed by industry research organization PRIMIR reported an increased demand for four-color printing, and nearly 20% indicated their first choice to meet that demand is a DI press.

In many cases, more efficiently producing four-color printing means upgrading from two-color to four-color presses along with the increased complexity that migration can bring.  The good news is that with a DI press, smaller printers can add four-color printing more easily than ever before, even with press operators that have never run a four-color press.  Why? Because the DI press is so automated that, according to Michael Powell, owner of Eagle Graphics in Rochester, New York, “Basically, you just start the job and you can almost walk away and let it run.”  And for shops with constrained space, the Presstek DI’s small footprint and on-press plate imaging is just the ticket.

Prefer to take a more conventional route? Presstek’s chemistry-free CTP solutions live up to Presstek’s heritage of delivering easy to use, efficient, chemistry free solutions that take up much less space and use much less energy and material than conventional platesetting. And their high-quality plates ensure the highest quality printing, even from older presses.

For an even more affordable CTP entry point, Presstek’s DPM polyester platesetters are worth a look.

"We knew that our toner-based presses were not cost effective for the longer four-color runs we needed to produce. Jobs of more than 1,000 sheets automatically get printed on the DI press, but we have used the DI press for runs as low as 200 sheets depending on the job requirements. These include ganged orders for the trade, jobs that require the DI's higher quality, and those that print on heavy stocks."

"The DI has brought in a lot of business, especially in this economy, where one-and two-color printing is on the decline. Customers who previously specified Pantone™ color inks now are happy with four-color printing at a much lower cost. The DI has helped us retain a lot of corporate clients in a difficult economic environment, while at the same time allowing us to be very competitive and profitable." 

Shawn Nag
Co-Owner, PrintPapa

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