The Key to Being Competitive

As Shawn Nag of Print Papa and many other Presstek customers have found, building a production platform based on Presstek’s chemistry-free digital offset technologies and best-in-class workflow products has revolutionized their ability to be competitive without hurting margins.

Presstek solutions are among the most productive in the marketplace, ensuring that costs remain in check and waste levels are low. Presstek solutions also enable companies to increase the quality of their output without increasing cost. This, combined with the wide range of new applications that can be produced using Presstek products, means that Presstek customers are not only more competitive, but they offer increased value to their customers, ensuring longer, more in-depth customer relationships. The price war is not the way to win the day.

Lantz Stationery Saves Time and Money Without Compromising Quality
Lantz Stationery, Ireland’s premier manufacturer of wedding stationery and the largest printer of charity Christmas cards, added a chemistry-free Presstek Dimension Excel platesetter using Anthem Pro Plates when its repro house announced it would be getting out of the film business. “We introduce 200 to 300 new designs a year and 50 new Christmas cards,” said Paul Hughes, Director of Lantz Stationery. “To put an Anthem plate on press and get it running to full production only takes two to three minutes, a great time and cost savings, helping us stay competitive. Now we can put an out-of-stock card back in stock within days, which would have been impossible before. My only regret is that we didn’t invest in a Dimension ages ago.

Catawba Print & Mail Leverages Presstek 52DI to Expand Competitive Reach
Catawba Print & Mail, located in Hickory, North Carolina, recently added “Print” to its name. The firm has a lettershop heritage and has historically worked jointly with printers on mailing projects. As more printers added mailing, owner LF Miller added a Presstek 52DI to improve his competitive edge. Miller reports that a Georgia firm, for whom Catawba had been mailing for 20 years, now also sends 90 percent of its print work to Catawba based on the quality, turnaround and pricing they can deliver with the Presstek 52DI press.

Vector CTP solution keeps Scottsdale AZ KwikKopy competitive

With ten printing companies located in his immediate vicinity, Tony Cordova, co-owner of Scottsdale’s KwikKopy, wanted to stay current with technology and maintain a competitive advantage. “We have leapfrogged the competition in quality and productivity with our Vector and Freedom chemistry-free plates,” says Tony. “They are using chemistry-based CTP or film—while we have taken our business to the next level in partnership with Presstek.”

France's J'imprime Enters New Markets with Presstek 52DI

Small but ambitious, J'imprime had an established reputation as a specialist in sheetfed and large-format printing, handling everything from flyers, personalized direct mail and point-of-sale advertising materials to business cards and stationery. The company added a Presstek 52DI press to tap into the lucrative short-run market. The firm has tripled its volume and is now recognized as a specialist in short and medium runs, extending its market reach and making the firm more competitive.

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