What’s New at Presstek?  

DI Presses

Presstek 75DI
The Presstek 75DI is a highly automated 29” digital offset press that is available in 4- to 10-color configurations. It is available with an optional coater and a full range of productivity options. The 75DI features 300 lpi or stochastic screening, 6-minute job-to-job turnover (including plate imaging), and a small environmental footprint The Presstek 75DI press prints up to 16,000 six-up sheets per hour or 96,000 letter-sized pages per hour on any offset stock up to 0.024" (0.6mm) thick.

CTP Plates

Presstek Aeon
This long run, high resolution open platform non-preheat thermal CTP plate can image up to 200,000 impressions, or up to one million with an optional post-bake capability. Presstek Aeon plates offer a robust choice for the large population (over 30,000) of thermal platesetters installed around the world, including Presstek’s Compass and Dimension Pro Series.

PhD 830
This highly accurate and consistent preheat thermal plate requires less chemistry than most competitive plate products. It is an ablation free plate that is designed to use less laser power and to run at the fastest possible imaging speeds. This level of performance combined with Presstek’s exceptional service team will help your operation maximize production time 

CTP Systems

Presstek DPM Pro 400
This efficient system produces high resolution polyester plates in sizes from 9 inches to 16.31 inches.
Its built-in processor provides extremely stable plate development, and uses 66 percent less chemistry as compared to other units on the market. The DPM Pro 400 uses Presstek’s MEGAPRO polyester and paper-based plates.

Presstek Compass 4000 Series
These highly automated, open platform 4-up platesetters support up to 250 lpi printing with production speeds ranging from 15 to 38 plates per hour. Compass platesetters image Presstek Aurora Pro chemistry-free and other third-party low energy thermal plates.

Presstek Vector FL52 with Freedom Pro Plates
Presstek’s easy-to-use small format chemistry-free metal platemaking solution is engineered to deliver excellent dot quality and high reliability. The Vector FL52 images Presstek’s chemistry-free Freedom Pro plates, which are automatically water rinsed in the Vector’s integrated plate washer. 

Presstek Dimension Pro 800
The latest addition to the Dimension line is an 8-page CTP system that supports up to 2400 dpi at 200 lpi on Presstek’s chemistry-free metal plates. With a throughput of 11 to 15 plates per hour, this easy-to-use platesetter offers semi-automatic loading with automatic registration. 

Presstek Awards

Presstek Awards is a customer loyalty program that offers points for purchases of prepress and pressroom consumables from Presstek. Both Presstek and non-Presstek brand products are eligible. Products purchased through telesales, shop.presstek.com, and initial supply orders billed by Presstek are eligible to earn points. The program is available to end user customers in the United States and Canada.