Chemistry-Free Waterless Plate

Zahara NWL - Waterless Plate for Narrow Web Label Presses

Manufactured in the United States with your goals in mind, Presstek is proud to offer Zahara NWL, a chemistry-free waterless plate for narrow web label printing. Zahara NWL truly simplifies platemaking because processing chemistry is replaced with water. This saves you time, money and extends the life of your processor.

Scratch resistant right out of the box and no cover film to remove, Zahara NWL images up to 300 lpi in standard 830nm thermal CTP systems at the imager’s rated throughput speeds. Its high image contrast allows for easier inspection than other waterless plates. Post imaging, the plate is given a rinse with water only in a Zahara Eco-Kleen wash unit.

Dye solutions and harmful chemistry processing are unnecessary as is spending valuable time maintaining the effects of a chemistry-based processor. We designed a chemistry-free waterless plate that will allow you to focus more on fine label production rather than complex platemaking or chemistry variables.


Codimag Viva Aniflow Press



A Smarter Way to Be Waterless:

  • Extremely durable waterless plate
  • For narrow web label printing
  • Chemistry-free platemaking
  • Water based processing only
  • Solvent and scratch resistant
  • UV Compatible
  • Excellent ink roll-up and solid densities
  • High image contrast for visual inspection
  • 300 lpi screening



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