Aurora Pro

Presstek's chemistry-free Aurora Pro thermal CTP plates are designed for thermal CTP systems including Screen’s PlateRite and select Kodak thermal systems. Daylight-safe Aurora Pro plates deliver the reliability and performance of traditional grained anodized aluminum plates without the problems and expense of chemical plate processing. Aurora Pro only requires a simple rinse with water and they are ready for printing. Chemical developing, baking and gumming steps and their associated costs are eliminated.

On press Aurora Pro prints cleaner, sharper images, with less dot gain and greater consistency than conventional offset plates. Presstek's exclusive Pro graining provides exceptional ink/water latitude, resulting in faster roll-up and stable color throughout the press run. The plates make printing easier, cleaner and safer by transforming platemaking from a variable, expensive, messy, and chemistry intensive task into a simple, clean, and easy process.

Key Specifications:
Plate Type Thermal positive writing
Plate Substrate Grained anodized aluminum
Printing Mechanism Wet offset
Exposure Thermal laser
Resolution 1% - 99% @ 200 LPI or FM
Spectral Sensitivity Thermal (diode and YAG) lasers, 800nm–1200nm
Run Length Up to 25,000 impressions
Safelight Sensitivity Full daylight operation
Plate Size 2-page, 4-page and 8-page formats
Plate Thickness .006'', .008" and .012" (.15mm, .20mm and .30mm)
Chemistry Not required
Processing and Preparation Simple cleaning with water no baking or gumming required
Qualified CTP Systems Screen PlateRite and select Kodak Thermal CTP systems

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