Freedom Pro

Freedom Pro chemistry-free thermal plates combine the performance characteristics of metal-based plates with state-of-the-art printing plate technology. After imaging, Freedom Pro plates are automatically cleaned with water in the Vector’s integrated plate washer. The plates require no baking, special cleaning fluids, or gumming, resulting in less waste material and a more environmentally friendly print shop.

Freedom Pro plates are one of the lowest priced chemistry-free thermal CTP plates on the market and are ideally suited for short-run printing with run lengths up to 25,000.

Consistent, Repeatable Thermal Imaging

The Vector's new thermal imaging technology brings a freedom to CTP workflows, delivering sharp, well-defined, highly repeatable images. Plates are free from the inconsistencies inherent in conventional chemistry-based platemaking systems.

Exceptional On-press Performance

In addition to enhancing productivity in the prepress department, Vector CTP systems also improve productivity in the pressroom. Freedom Pro plates perform extremely well on press, with the unique surface structure of the plate resulting in fast makeready, greater ink/water latitude and excellent durability. In addition, Freedom Pro plates accommodate a wide range of industry standard inks and fountain solutions with the added benefit of less pressroom chemistry consumption, as compared to conventional offset plates.

Total Compatibility

The Vector is compatible with Presstek's Momentum Workflow. The Momentum Workflow is a system of hardware devices and software modules engineered to seamlessly manage a job from prepress to press. It's an integrated, flexible solution that can be customized to fit your particular production environment. This means that users of Digital PlateMaster systems already using a Momentum Workflow can easily upgrade to a new chemistry-free Vector CTP system with virtually no disruption to established operating procedures.

Key Specifications
Plate Type Chemistry-free, thermal positive writing
Plate Substrate Aluminum
Printing Mechanism Wet offset
Resolution 2%–98% @ 175 LPI
Length of Run Up to 25,000 impressions
Light Sensitivity 100% daylight safe: no safelight required
Plate Thickness .006" and .008" (.15 mm and .20 mm)
Plate Size Standard 2-page formats, 52 cm and below
Processing Simple rinsing with only water; no baking or gumming required

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