Waterless CTP Printing Plate

Zahara XP is Chemistry-Free - Just Image, Rinse, Print!

Zahara XP is easy to implement and easy to use - image in any 830 nm thermal platemaking system like Presstek's Dimension Pro-W system, then just rinse and print. No pre-heating, chemical processing, gumming or baking is required.

After imaging in your CTP system, rinse Zahara XP in Presstek's Eco-Kleen rinse unit. The Eco-Kleen unit has a soft brush system and needs only regular tap water for processing.

Presstek's Zahara line of waterless printing plates addresses the majority of waterless sheetfed and narrow web press platforms. It is ideal for small, half- and mid-size sheet formats, labels, packaging, and plastic card production.

Benefits of the Presstek Zahara XP waterless plate:

  • For sheetfed and web presses
  • Processes with water only
  • Just image, rinse, print
  • No chemistry needed
  • No cover film to remove
  • 830 nm spectral sensitivity
  • No dye solutions required
  • 300 lpi screening
  • Excellent ink roll-up and & solid densities
  • Up to 100,000 impressions
  • UV compatible 




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