Anthem Elite DOP Printing Plates (Europe)

Anthem Elite DOP is Presstek Europes new generation Anthem printing plate designed for imaging on Presstek's full line of Dimension thermal platesetters. The plate's improved graining structure reduces the amount of water needed on press and results in an improved ink/water balance. Easy to handle, Anthem Elite DOP is compatible with nearly every fountain solution and Delta dampening system. Anthem Elite DOP needs no washout solution


Anthem Elite DOP Attributes:

  • Images on Presstek Dimension branded platesetters
  • Enhanced graining structure improves ink/water balance
  • Negative working plate technology
  • Run lengths up to 75,000+ *
  • Up to 240 lpi screening 1-99%
  • no post bake
  • UV printing compatible for Run lengths of 8,000*

  • *Actual run lengths may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions.


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 Anthem Elite DOP (Europe)