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We live in a complex and increasingly digital world that calls for new and different approaches to a manufacturing process that is more than half a millennium old. The changes we have seen in the last decade dwarf the accumulated changes over the previous half century. Enterprising commercial printers realize that they need to employ a range of technologies to remain competitive in this rapidly changing world.

Need to accommodate high quality four-color short runs but don’t want to introduce toner-based digital printing into the mix? Then a Presstek DI press is the answer for you. Profitably produce runs as short as 250 at 300 lpi or with stochastic screening with a makeready time of as little 10 minutes, only a few makeready sheets, and a fast drying time enabled by the DI’s waterless printing technology.

Already have both toner-based digital presses and conventional offset presses but find it difficult to compete on runs of 250 to 20,000? The DI press meets that need as well and is the ideal bridge product that makes both toner-based digital and conventional offset printing more efficient.

Need to update your platemaking? Then explore the possibilities offered by Presstek’s industry-leading chemistry-free CTP solutions. They are daylight safe, easy to use, and eliminate the need to purchase, manage and dispose of hazardous chemistry, providing a cleaner environment for your employees and a competitive advantage with customers whose purchasing polices are increasingly green.

Many of our customers produce long-run catalogs and other projects with counts in the 40 to 60 thousand range, updating those pieces once or twice a year. Often they need an additional 1,000 pieces or less for trade shows, special events or sales presentations. In the past, our choices have been to run the work and take a financial loss, outsource it, or simply turn it down. Turning it down, being the least attractive option, since it leaves the door open for competitors to take over the account. Now, with the Presstek 52DI press, we are able to profitably produce these short run, fast turnaround projects, increasing customer retention.

Jerry Keller
Vice President, Universal Lithographers

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