Navigator GPS & GPS Elite

Navigator GPS is an efficient, entry level solution for small to mid-sized printers that can be customized to your specific production needs with any of the available options. Get many of the available options pre-bundled when you upgrade to GPS Elite.

Navigator GPS is an integrated automated workflow solution that consists of the Navigator RIP and Navigator Workflow. The foundation of Navigator GPS is the Harlequin-based Navigator RIP which has long been recognized as one of the premiere RIPs in the industry.

Navigator GPS adds a graphical user interface to the Navigator RIP giving pre-press operators RIP control directly from their desktop. Workflows can be customized to meet the requirements of specific jobs or customers to further streamline the process.

Features and Benefits:

  • Client/Server Technology
    • Control RIP from your Mac or PC workstation
  • Easy to use Interface
    • Drag and drop style interface makes it easy to manage and build workflows
  • Job Management System
    • Easily monitor, track, edit, and resubmit jobs
  • Edit Workflows
    • Easily edit a workflow at the job level without affecting the actual workflow
  • Harlequin RIP Technology
    • Fast and reliable


    Workflow Clients
    Clients enable pre-press operators to remotely view and manage the workflow from a Mac or PC workstation. This helps reduce unnecessary trips to the RIP workstation by bringing control directly to the operator. The system includes 2 clients with the option of adding up to a maximum of 10.

    Ink Remapping
    Ink remapping quickly corrects color separation issues before they go to plate. Ink remapping allows the user to select inks (separations) and map them to alternate plates. Combine multiple colors to create one plate.

    In-RIP Trapping
    TrapPro is an object-and vector-based in-RIP trapping program. The main features include auto-chokes super blacks, small text protection, raster-to-raster trapping, sliding traps, mitered ends and feathered traps.

    Proofing Plug-ins
    Navigator supports a wide variety of proofing options, including the most popular ink jet proofers from Epson. Adding a proofing plug-in to Navigator closes the color loop, ensuring data integrity. The same RIP is used for proofing and final output to plates.

    FM Screening
    Navigator GPS’s FM screening is based on Harlequin’s HDS (Harlequin Dispersed Screening). This screening technology is a perfect fit for Presstek’s DI presses. HDS creates images with increased sharpness with a continuous tone appearance.

    The CIP3 output plug-in enables Navigator to produce Print Production Format (PPF) files containing information about print jobs, including administrative data, information about inks, and preview images.


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