52DI-AC® Digital
Offset Press

  • Fully automated 4/C press
  • Integrated coater
  • Fast drying & turnaround

New and Factory
Available Now!

CTP System

Bundle with plates and save!

  • Precise & consistent
  • 4- & 8-page models
  • Automation choices

Printing Plates

Widest range of plates for commercial
and newspaper printers

  • Thermal
  • Violet
  • Waterless
  • Chemistry-free
  • Inkjet

Digital Offset Press

Purchase a complete ECO-UV press
or convert your exiting 52DI®

  • 4/C with intergrated ECO-UV
  • Accelerated production
  • Instant drying

Expert Service
Trusted Partner

Parts and service for a wide
array of pressroom equipment

  • Extensive parts
  • Localized service
  • Fast response

Printing Solutions

Removing complexities, chemistry,
and waste from print production
resulting in higher efficiency,
higher productivity, and
higher profits.

Already own a DI?  Add on ECO-UV

Print on more substrates than ever before! 

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Reduced Pricing on 52DI-AC Presses!

Speed, Quality, Versatility, Simplicity

Talk to the experts. See the solutions.

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Eco-Friendly CTP Plates

Better for Business. Better for the Environment.

Exceptional quality printing plates for a wide range of press applications!

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Newz Newz Newz!

Presstek "Newz" plates for Newspaper Printers

Our range of Newz plates includes thermal, chemistry-free, waterless and violet.

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High Performance Platemaking

NEW! Dimension Pro2 CTP System

Bundle with plates and save!

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4- and 8-page formats for commercial and newspaper printers.