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As a member of a franchise network, you have the advantage of brand recognition, a network of peers and solid advice from your franchisor, who invests significant effort into researching the latest and greatest solutions coming to market. This means that you have access to the best possible information about technologies and processes that can offer you a competitive advantage and have a positive impact on your business.

Presstek DI presses and Presstek chemistry-free platemaking solutions have found homes in a number of franchise operations as these organizations continue to evolve the level of services they offer to their customers. One 7-employee franchise shop who just recently acquired a DI press said, “I have been able to put together a sales call portfolio that just knocks your socks off, with really beautiful pieces. I made a sales call recently, and the customer was just stunned at our new capabilities.” Another, who chose the CTP path to high quality four-color work, reports, “With the Vector CTP system and chemistry-free Freedom Pro plates, we have seen a significant increase in efficiency and job profitability. The acquisition was, in a sense, reallocation of resources already being consumed with the added benefit of increasing our overall capacity and throughput.”

There is no question that short-run four-color is a growth market for us. In the first six weeks, we put over a million impressions on our first Presstek 34DI with absolutely no mechanical issues. We were so excited that we bought another one for [another site]. We have never done that with a major purchase before because usually there are issues that need to be solved. The Presstek 34 DI beat every expectation we had from the beginning.

Mark Ell
Owner and CFO, BCT-Arizona

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