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Especially for long runs, the cost of color clicks coming off a color copier can’t compete with the cost per impression coming off the DI press. Even if the click rate is 3 to 4 cents per copy, it still doesn’t compare when your run length is anywhere from 12,000-17,000.

Frank Oliver, Print Shop Supervisor, DCMO BOCES
Credit: Nicole Perry, In-plant Graphics User Story 

The 75DI is a game-changer for us because of its sheet size, capabilities and sheer speed. We feel confident this press will play a key role in helping us bring in work currently being outsourced. In fact, our customers were so excited about this new press that while the press was being assembled on the floor and before the first production job even came off of the press, we had more than a million impressions lined up for it!

Robert Pettway, Manager, EDM, General Services and Mail
Operations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee 

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Many in-plant printing operations continue to face budget constraints and competition from outside printers. In order to remain competitive and ensure future success, they must ensure that they clearly understand both current and emerging customer needs, and take steps to meet those needs, either with internal production or external partnerships.

One of the key requirements in most enterprises served by in-plant print shops is a need for more high quality four-color printing in short runs. And turnaround times are often critical. In order to meet these needs, in-plant print managers must source equipment that meets a range of requirements. Often, space is at a premium. Labor can be expensive and highly skilled workers hard to find and retain. And organizations, particularly in the university and government sectors, are increasingly concerned about reducing their environmental footprint.

Presstek’s chemistry-free printing solutions are an ideal match for these requirements. Whether you select a Presstek DI press with on-press, chemistry-free imaging of plates and extremely short makeready times, or a Presstek chemistry-free platemaking solution, you can be assured that you will be able to produce the highest quality four-color printing in the fastest turn times at the most competitive pricing. And because these solutions are automated, they not only take steps out of the process, but they require less skilled staff to operate them and take up a minimal amount of space. In addition, your internal Health & Safety teams will be delighted with the small environmental footprint these solutions represent.



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