Company Overview

Founded in 1987, our mission is to offer printing products that are environmentally responsible and engineered to streamline print production processes, making it easier and more profitable for print providers to meet increasing demands for high-quality and fast turnaround printing.

Presstek Corporate Headquarters is located in Hudson, NH USA. Other key locations include South Hadley, MA USA and West Drayton, United Kingdom.  With Technical Support, Customer Care Administration and product warehouses located throughout North America and the United Kingdom, Presstek customers are supported through direct sales/technical support as well as through dealer/OEM partners.

Presstek Product and Service Portfolio (download brochure)

DI® Digital Offset Printing Presses - Certified Pre-Owned and New

  • Presstek 75DI: 4-6 colors, 6-page format, aqueous coating option, 16,000 sph
  • Presstek 52DI: 4-colors, 2-page landscape format, 10,000 sph
  • Presstek 52DI-AC: 4-colors, 2-page landscape format, aqueous coating, 10,000 sph
  • Presstek 34DI: 4-colors, 2-page portrait format, 7,000 sph

Chemistry-Free CTP Systems 

  • Dimension425 Excel: 4-page system (Available Certified Pre-Owned)
  • Presstek Vector FL52: 2-page system (Available Certified Pre-Owned)

Printing Plates  

  • NEW! GemPlate: Develop on Press chemistry-free thermal plates. Images on 830 nm platesetters. RIP, image, mount on press & print! Run lengths to 100,000
  • NEW! Zahara: Waterless plates for sheetfed and web presses, compatible with UV
  • NEW! Zahara Newz: Waterless plates for Cortina newspaper presses
  • JT: metal plates for Epson inkjet CTP
  • Aurora EXP: Chemistry-free and daylight safe, run lengths to 50,000
  • Aeon: No preheat positive working, run lengths to 1,000,000 with a post bake
  • Anthem Pro: Chemistry-free, for Presstek Dimension series CTP systems, run lengths to 100,0000
  • Freedom Pro: Chemistry-free, for Presstek Vector series CTP systems, run lengths to 25,000

DI Press Plate Media

  • PearlDry Plus for Heidelberg QMDI presses
  • ProFire Digital Plate Media for Presstek DI, KPG DirectPress, Xerox 233 DI, Karat 46-DI, and Ryobi DI presses 

Service and Parts

  • Worldwide network of factory trained and Certified technicians
  • Servicing pre-press, press, post-press equipment
  • Remote and on-site diagnostic service
  • Flexible service agreements including time & materials
  • Plate applications support
  • Extensive parts inventory

Folders and Sealing Equipment

  • Now selling and servicing pressure sealers and folders by Infinity Solutions Manufacturing

Traditional Offset Presses and Consumables

  • Conventional offset presses and a full line of pressroom consumables are available in the EAMER market.

Presstek Innovations

Presstek is the holder of hundreds of patents and has been recognized by numerous industry sources for innovation in business and technology. Presstek invented DI® thermal laser direct imaging on-press technology and was the first to develop and bring to market chemistry-free platemaking for off-press applications. Many of the industry’s largest press manufacturers including Heidelberg, Ryobi, Xerox, KBA and Kodak have partnered with Presstek and incorporated Presstek’s DI technology on their presses. Presstek DI-enabled presses accept digital files and image plates directly on-press which eliminates the labor intensive steps and chemistry associated with traditional platemaking.

DI® is a registered trademark of Presstek LLC 


Presstek LLC 
     200 Innovative Way 
     Suite 1350
     Nashua, NH 03062
     USA: 800-422-3616
     Canada: 800-387-3143
     603-595-7000 ext. 4170

     Presstek LLC
     60 East Main Street
     Rockville, CT 06066

     Presstek Europe LTD
     Unit 30
     Riverside Way
     Middlesex UB8 2YF
     United Kingdom
     +44 (0)20 8745 8000