DI Press - Presstek 34DI® Digital Offset Printing Press

Presstek 34DI is a highly automated four-color digital offset press ideally suited for fast turnaround, short-run, high-quality color printing. The 34DI produces up to 7,000 13.39 x 18.11” sheets per hour, file-to-sellable printed sheet consistently occurs in approximately 10 minutes. This streamlined workflow reduces the time and cost to turn a job around while delivering up to 300 lpi and stochastic screening on a broad range of substrate thicknesses up to 20pt. (0.06mm to 0.5mm). Presstek 34DI offers a low average cost per page for 250 to 10,000 impressions and can produce more jobs, more profitably in less time. The 34DI is available as the 34DI-X, a high productivity model and the 34DI-E an entry-level configuration.

Automated Printing

The DI auto print system streamlines the entire printing process, from plate advancing and imaging to printing and cleaning. Presstek's DI imaging technology, combined with a central impression cylinder and single gripper system, result in precise registration every time. Makereadies take ten minutes.

Compact and Environmentally Friendly Press Design

The unique design of Presstek DI presses offers a significantly smaller footprint than a conventional four-color press and its required platemaking solution. Presstek DI presses fit easily into any print shop. And best of all, with no film, off-press imaging equipment or intermediate processing steps, you save time, labor, floor space, and money with absolutely no compromise in quality. DI also eliminates the inconsistencies and environmental concerns that are normally associated with chemistry-based imaging and alcohol-based dampening systems.


With a push of a button, easily produce line screens up to 300 lpi or FM screening in precise register. Presstek DI presses are also waterless, which means the problems associated with ink water balance are eliminated, better color saturation is achieved, you’ll print with less dot gain, and a larger color gamut can be printed.

Efficient Digital Workflow

The Presstek DI digital offset printing press integrates seamlessly into Macintosh and Windows workflows. Files are RIP'ed directly to the press; text, images and imposition can be checked on the DI’s on-press monitor or by using a hardcopy proofing solution. 

ECO-UV Enhancement Option for Presstek DI Presses

When you implement ECO-UV, you're on a path to even greater success. ECO-UV enables you to print more substrates, turn jobs around faster, and save on energy costs compared to standard UV. The Presstek ECO-UV curing system increases the range of materials that can be printed, adding value for your business. With instant curing, ECO-UV accelerates production with even shorter time-to completion. Requiring significantly less power than standard UV, this new low energy ECO-UV option incorporates a UV lamp right in the delivery system, reducing the floor space requirements and complementing the already compact footprint of Presstek DI presses.


Feature 34DI-X 34DI-E
Maximum Print Speed (S.P.H.) 7,000 7,000
Minimum Print Speed (S.P.H.) 1,500 1,500
Sheet Orientation Portrait Portrait
Sheet Thickness 0.0024” – 0.02” (0.06 – 0.5mm) 0.0024” – 0.02” (0.06 – 0.5mm)
Maximum Sheet Size 13.39” x18.11” (340 x 460 mm) 13.39” x18.11” (340 x 460 mm)
Minimum Sheet Size 3.54” x 3.94” (90 x 100 mm) 3.54” x 3.94” (90 x 100 mm)
Maximum Print Format 12.99” x 17.72” (330 x 450 mm)
w/ 0.354 (9mm) gripper margin
12.99” x 17.72” (330 x 450 mm)
w/ 0.354 (9mm) gripper margin
Image Resolution 2540 dots/in (100 dots/mm) 2540 dots/in (100 dots/mm)
Imaging Time 4.5 minutes 9 minutes
Automated Changeover 10 minutes 14.5 minutes
Ink Zones per unit 11 11
Ink Rollers per unit 15 15
Form Rollers 4 4
Feeder Universal Universal
Feeder Pile Capacity 15.75” (400mm) 15.75” (400mm)
Delivery Pile Capacity 15.75 (400 mm) 15.75 (400 mm)
Weight 9,950 (4,513 kg) 9,950 (4,513 kg)
Physical Dimension(LxWxH) 10’ 7 x 8’8” 5’6”
(3,230 x 2,635 x 1,665 mm)
10’ 7 x 8’8” 5’6”
(3,230 x 2,635 x 1,665 mm)


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