DI Press - Presstek 75DI® Digital Offset Printing Press

The Presstek 75DI continues the Presstek DI tradition of precise imaging, extreme automation, and a small environmental footprint. It employs waterless printing technology, on-press chemistry-free media imaging, fast run-up for minimal waste, and consistent quality from sheet to sheet and job to job. 

In addition, the Presstek 75DI press incorporates significant technological advances, including utilization of new on-press imaging technology. This next-generation imaging technology results in improved image quality and even easier makeready. The efficiency of the press is further enhanced by a simultaneous imaging and cleaning process that optimizes the makeready time between jobs. This tower press will be available in 4- to 6-color configurations. It is also available with an optional coater.

“The Presstek 75DI digital offset press is a game-changer for us because of its sheet size, capabilities and sheer speed… our customers were so excited about this new press that while the press was being assembled on the floor and before the first production job even came off of the press, we had more than a million impressions lined up for it!”

-Robert Pettway, Manager, EDM, General Services and Mail Operations,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee 


Key Features and Benefits of the Presstek 75DI include:

  • Automated set-up and printing
  • Job-to-job turnover, including plate imaging in 6 minutes
  • 200 lpi - stochastic (FM) screening and 300 lpi job dependent
  • Print on a wide range of stocks
  • 31.02” x 23.62”maximum sheet size
  • Low cost per page for runs of 500 to 20,000
  • Environmental benefits
  • Chemistry-free on-press imaging
  • Waterless printing for superior color range and image definition
Feature Presstek 75DI
Sheet Orientation Landscape
Maximum Print Speed (S.P.H.) 16,000
Minimum Print Speed (S.P.H.) 3,000
Maximum Sheet Size 31.02" × 23.62" (788mm × 600mm)
Minimum Sheet Size 10.98" x 7.87" (279mm × 200mm)
Stock Thickness  0.0016"–0.024" (0.04mm–0.6mm)
Optional 0.031” (0.8mm)
Maximum Print Format 29.92" x 22.83" (760 x 580 mm)
In-Line Coating Option Yes
IR Dryer Standard
Resolution 2540 dpi
100 dots/mm
Screen Ruling Up to 200 lpi
FM (stochastic) and 300 lpi job dependent
Plate Type Presstek ProFire Digital Media
Feeder Pile Capacity 31.5" (800mm)
Delivery Pile Capacity 36.42" (925mm)
Plates Per Roll (full format) 23
Options and Accessories Large selection of options available.



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Presstek 75DI English (USA) English (UK) German French Spanish Italian

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