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Presstek DI Power-User Kessler Creative Maximizes DI Presses for Fast, High-Quality Output

Nashua, NH USA – March 7, 2018 – Presstek LLC, a leading provider of eco-friendly printing solutions, today recognizes Presstek DI power-user, Kessler Creative, a direct marketing company based in Jacksonville, FL. DI power-users are those that maximize the full potential the Presstek DI, a highly automated and chemistry-free digital offset press. In 2007, Kessler started its business with a Presstek 34DI, which now has more than 100 million impressions. In 2014, the company added a new 52DI to increase their sheet size and overall production speed. The 52DI allows Kessler to produce high-quality 4-color postcards, letterhead, and booklets, competitively priced with the fastest turnaround possible. The company credits the hard-working DIs and strong sales efforts for its success and rapid growth.

“Between the quality of the press and the expertise of our press operators, we produce great high-quality printed pieces, fast,” comments Dina Kessler, Chief Operations Officer, Kessler Creative. “From 2,000 postcards and more, it’s perfect for the press.” Dina adds, “Our clients do a fair amount of marketing pieces, and they’re looking to change the pieces and pictures, regularly. This is one of the reasons why the DIs work great. For marketing pieces, it’s a great fit.”

“With the increased production speed and larger sheet size, the 52DI was a game changer,” comments Keith Kessler, President, Kessler Creative.

“Customers like Kessler Creative are elated with the quality and quick delivery of their 4-color jobs, and they’re proven over 100 million times,” comments Jay Hughes, Sales Manager, Digital Press Products, Presstek LLC. “Kessler is an excellent example of how to power-use the DI presses for high-quality marketing initiatives. They proactively market themselves and the abilities of their hard-working DI presses, which they consistently deliver.”

Variety, Variable, and Gang Runs
For a client in the restaurant business, Kessler uses the Presstek DIs to produce more than 300,000 printed pieces yearly. “When you’re looking at competitive pricing, you can run shells,” states Dina. “We are using a toner printer to add variable information like a barcode and personalization, which our client uses to track how often the customers visit.” She adds, “The Presstek DI presses give us a better price point for these pieces than running it on digital equipment exclusively.”

To get the best pricing, Kessler maximizes the use of each set of plates. “We always look at what’s on the schedule to try to gang projects. Two letterheads, two postcards from different clients will save money on the plates, maximizing the return,” states Dina.

“We use our equipment to our fullest capability. You can only maximize your press when you maintain it right,” Dina adds. The direct marketing firm factors in time for routine maintenance and regular weekly cleaning, and twice a year technical service.

Well Maintained DIs Equate to More Uptime
With regular maintenance, the Presstek DIs have the most uptime than any other printing equipment at Kessler Creative -- two times more than digital LED or toner printers. “We find that our toner printers require more maintenance and technical support. They go down once a week, and we lose a shift. With the Presstek DIs, we have significantly more uptime. It’s great,” comments Dina.

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