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Mark Andy continues series of successful myDI® Operator Skills Training

Mark Andy Print Products completes another successful “myDI®” Operator Skills training event for the Presstek Brand 52DI offset press. Customers with Presstek 52DI presses that registered for this program spent August 5 – 9, 2019 in an intense, hands on training for press operator skills. Presstek myDI® program continues the company’s commitment to DI press owners and operators to ensure DI presses are fully optimized for the most cost-efficient print productions and that 52DI operators are highly skilled with the intimate details of DI press features and benefits.

This program is a key educational resource that ensures a constant available stream of trained, highly skilled factory certified DI press operators for our customers and the print industry. The August class was the 15th in this series of “myDI®” Operator Skills training session series that has been completed this year with completely full attendance. The Presstek DI support team also offers myDI® training classes for the Presstek 34DI press as well. These are regional based training events which are held in different locations around the United States allowing DI press operators to register and attend classes nearest their location says Director of Sales Ralph Jenkins.
Participant feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for both the course agenda and extent of the Operator Skills covered which range from color management, press maintenance, paper handling, minimizing make-ready and basic operational skills.
West Palm Beach County print shop in West Palm Beach Florida graciously hosted the week-long myDI® Operator Skills session in August. General Manager of Printing Services Palm Beach County John Johnson opened their print shop and Presstek 52DI for the session and said…

We were very pleased and gratified to host the DI University here at Palm Beach County, Graphics Division in August. Not only was it an excellent experience for our newest staff member but a refresher for our three existing print staff, they had a great opportunity to ask questions that had come to mind over the past year they have been operating the Presstek 52DI. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the 52DI since its installation a year ago. We have run over 6,000,000 impressions on it with tremendous quality and efficiency. Like any new machine we had some bugs and procedures to work out, but they were good learning experiences for the entire staff. Your service department has been very responsive to our calls and have explained and trained my staff to watch out for things to keep clean and set correctly. Acquiring this 52DI was definitely the right decision for our operation and our customers have noticed the great quality and quick turn-a-round it has provided. In the future, when you find more students interested in the 52DI, we would gladly host another DI University here in West Palm Beach. John Johnson

The Presstek myDI® program is committed to the print industry, our DI press customer base, and our sales and service channel partners across the globe. That's why we've created a team of experts who are available to consult with DI Press Owners at no cost to you. Our DI Program Manager team is set to provide you with ongoing consumable, parts, services, workflow and training discounts and programs designed to improve your competitive position through increased productivity, reduced operating costs and enhanced profitability. DI Press owners not already enrolled in myDI® should visit MYDI PROGRAM to register and benefit from this program.

34DI skilled operators training class August 2019 Presstek 52DI press customers attending the August 2019 myDI training Session

Ralph Jenkins
Director of Sales
Mark Andy Print Products
Mark Andy Inc.