Presstek 34DI Press

The  Presstek 34DI is s a highly automated four-color digital offset press that consistently produces sellable sheets in 10 minutes with up to 300 lpi and stochastic screening – increasing capabilities, throughput and profitability. The 34DI has a maximum sheet size of 13.39” x 18.11” and produces up 7,000 sheets per hour.


University of Texas Pan American - Retaining In-plant Printing
The relocation of UTPA Printing Services’ production space presented an opportunity to refresh the in-plant’s production platform. The environmentally-friendly features and small footprint of the Presstek 34DI proved to be the ideal choice by helping to reduce retrofitting cost while increasing throughput and print quality.

University of Colorado Boulder - In-plant Shop Meets Demand
To meet demand for 4-color runs that were too long and costly to produce on their HP Indigo, Imaging Services at CU-Boulder installed a Presstek 34DI. Now, according to Manager Al Goranson, they have cost-effectively transferred this work to the 34DI and are capturing outsourced work.

Inkworks - Brings More Color to Non-Profits
At the end of their six year lease Inkworks decision to upgrade to a new Presstek 34DI was an easy one. With the latest technology and product enhancements they produce higher quality printing on a wider range of stocks. This opened new applications and new business opportunities. Inkworks obtained their FSC and Green Printer Certifications which is an important part of their business model and one of the key reason their non-profit client base chooses them as a print provider.

Miller's Minuteman Press - Not Your Typical Quick Printer
Miller’s Minuteman, Baltimore MD started with a single store, they now operate five stores and a Central Production Facility. As an all digital shop they were struggling with limitations on substrates as well as with longer four-color runs. Two 34DI presses were the perfect solution for them, solving their problems while helping them to grow the business.

Cal Poly Pomona - Building A Sustainable Business Model
With increasing customer demand for four-color printing Cal Poly was seeking to introduce more capability into its printing operation and reduce outsourcing. With the addition of a Presstek 34DI digital offset press and Vector FL52 platesetter the in-plant operation is now able to fully support the printing requirements of the Cal Poly community in an environmentally-friendly fashion. The Department of Graphic Communications is now a one-stop shop 

PrintPapa-A Silicon Valley Success Story
To expand its capabilities, PrintPapa of Santa Clara, CA, installed a Presstek 34DI digital offset press, as well as a Presstek Dimension  Excel CTP system to support its conventional offset presses. As a result, this business that started as a mailbox franchise store offering copying service has grown into a full-service graphic production and printing company with retail, corporate and trade customers.

Angel Lithographing - A Family Tradition
Angel Lithographing in Wisconsin found they had a production gap that hindered their ability to service their customers with shorter run high quality work. By installing a Presstek 34DI and implementing G7 standards they're able to produce the same color and quality on their 8-color Komori and Presstek DI. "We wanted to be able to interchangeably use our presses, especially for work that has multiple components without the risk of quality differences" says owner Dick Angel.

SDSU - Making the Most of a Hybrid Printing Platform
San Diego State University has transformed their in-plant shop by effectively using their Presstek 34DI digital offset press in conjunction with a HP Indigo toner-based press. By implementing a hybrid workflow SDSU is able to provide the highest-quality work in a timely manner very cost effectively. "The two presses complement each other and that lets us leverage our production platform to the ultimate extent" says Leslie Rutledge, Manager Reprographics.

Topknotch Prep & Print - New Customers, New Products

After installing a Presstek 34DI press, Topknotch of Mississauga, ON, Canada, saw their business grow by 25 percent. To support this continuing growth the firm added a second 34DI. “There is a terrific opportunity for short-run, fast turn work that smaller printers cannot produce at the right quality level, and which are too small for larger printers to effectively manufacture,” explains owner, Amin Suleman.

Herron Printing & Graphics-Sustainability is Key
This commercial printer in Gaithersburg, MD, is dedicated to making their operation both “green” and responsive to customers needs. They chose a Presstek 34DI to help meet these goals, “because of its environmental benefits and high efficiency,” explains owner Randy Herron. The DI press has brought the firm increasing revenue, as well. Herron reports that since the installing the press revenues have grown nearly 25% alongside lower prices. “These lower prices are very attractive in the market,” says Herron. 

The Hoppmann Group-Targeting Demand with Presstek DI
This print communications firm installed a Presstek 34DI to fill the gap between their conventional offset and Konica Minolta toner-based equipment. In addition to profitably printing short-run, high quality printing on the 34DI, they are enjoying its capability to print on heavy stocks and complement their other production equipment to deliver new applications. “The Presstek 34DI is the best single addition to our manufacturing platform,” says Kyle Tuska, VP of Operations at the Hoppmann Group.

Liberty Graphics - One Stop for Business Communications
Liberty Graphics, Calgary, Alberta, needed to improve printing quality, profitably produce runs of 500 to 10,000, and improve overall efficiency and customer service. A Presstek 34DI ® and Press-sense enabled PathWay Web-to-print solution proved to be the answer.

Altstadt-Druck - Expanding Offerings with a Presstek 34DI
Alstadt-Druck, a technology-driven firm in Rostock, Germany, was eager to upgrade its printing equipment, but the size of its facility imposed constraints. A Presstek 34DI has proven to be the ideal solution. The compact, automated press delivers high quality, fast turnaround and increased efficiency--giving the firm a competitive edge.

King County Library System - Bringing It In House
The King County Library System in Washington State was outsourcing four-color printing, which it could not efficiently produce in-house. Installing a Presstek 34DI has enabled the in-house graphics department to save outside printing costs, deliver jobs faster, and increase the quality, creativity and effectiveness of it communications.

Rich Print - A Future with Presstek Digital Offset Printing
To meet the demand for short-run full color printing, Rich Print upgraded its operations with a Presstek 34DI digital offset press. The company now profitably produces full-color printing at 300-line screen and offers fast turnaround. “We can’t believe how much four-color work is now coming into our business,” says co-owner Jonathan Bradley.

Anglia Print - Goes even "Greener" with Presstek DI ® Press
Anglia Print Services is one of the ‘greenest’ commercial printers in the UK. They have a 100 percent recycling record. The installation of the 34DI ® has reduced their energy consumption by 40 percent, paper waste by 30 percent, and made them 20 percent more competitive. It has also enabled them to turn urgent work around on the same day.

Paw Print & Mail - Realizing All the Benefits of Presstek DI
This commercial printer in Vermont increased revenues 15 percent in just the first three months after installing a Presstek 34DI. Owner Tom Brassard reports that in addition to high quality four-color printing and fast turnaround, customers are attracted to the environmentally-friendly features of the DI press.

Newton Press - Making Four Color Printing Easy with DI
Newton Press in Sutterton, Lincolnshire, UK, finds that it is easy to produce high quality four-color printing in-house with a Presstek 34DI press. Owner Nick Ward says, “Presstek has given us the facility to take this business to the next level.”

Copy Cop - Patrolling the Digital Highway
Redesigning a Boston retail printing chain for the digital age, industry veteran Grover Daniels installed a 34cm Presstek DI press. Copy Cop and The Digital Printing Company now deliver high-quality offset printing within an all-digital production model.

Sir Speedy-Naperville, IL - Building for the Next Generation
Franchise owners added a Presstek DI press to improve the value of their family business. “I knew we needed to go to a digital solution,” says co-owner Julie Phillips. “A Presstek DI press was our best choice.”

BCT Arizona - One Good Thing Leads to Another
Operating as a trade printer, Business Cards Tomorrow (BCT) franchise in Phoenix, AZ, has immediate financial success with a Presstek enables 34cm DI press and decides to install a second DI at its Colorado facility.

CPM - Going Forward with Presstek DI
Commercial printer CPM in Maidstone, Kent, UK, keeps pace with demand for four-color printing by installing a Presstek 34DI. “We couldn’t afford not to have a Presstek DI press,” comments CPM’s Production Director Colin Armstrong.

Furbush-Roberts Printing - Being More Capable
Furbush-Roberts, Bangor, ME, needed a way to print short-run color more competitively than it could on its conventional 28-inch five-color press. Now, with a Presstek 34DI, the company meets the growing demand for short-run and fast turnaround color, while using its large conventional press most profitably on longer runs.

PIP-Springfield - Positioned for Growth
Franchise printer in Springfield, VA, wins new customers with a Presstek 34DI. “The revenue it is generating has exceeded my expectations,” says owner Ernie Lederer.

Tri-Lakes Printing - Bringing Business to Life
A commercial printer in Monument, CO, Tri-Lakes Printing doubled four-color printing revenues in one year after installing a Presstek 34DI. Fast turnaround and high quality DI printing is now winning business from as far away as New York and Australia

Fotoprint, Ltd. - Focus on Technology
Fotoprint, a commercial printer in Victoria, BC, meets its commitments to 24-hour turnaround, consistently competitive pricing, high quality, and environmental responsibility with an all-digital workflow supported by a Presstek 34DI press

Carleton Communications - Reaching Its Full Potential
In business for over 40 years, Carleton Communications in Mechanicsburg, PA, has a history of growth. Today, under corporate ownership, a Presstek 34DI press is contributing to the company’s continuing growth, which includes a doubling of annual revenues.

Landmark Impressions - On Time, All the Time
When it outsourced high-quality four-color printing, Landmark Impressions had difficulty honoring its guarantee to deliver on time. Now, with a Presstek DI press in its Woburn, MA, shop, the commercial printer has complete control and nearly a 100 percent on-time record.

ProTech Printing & Graphics - Investing for Growth
“I always wanted to be able to compete with printers who operate big presses,” says owner Bob Ferga. To better improve productivity and quality, Ferga chose a Presstek DI press for his Kennesaw, GA, business. Ferga now reports, “Bigger printers have to compete with me.”

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