Certified Pre-Owned
Presstek CTP Systems
High Resolution Metal Platemaking Solutions 

Presstek now offers factory refurbished Certified Pre-Owned models of its industry proven high performance thermal CTP devices.  A rigorous certification process of these turnkey systems includes a thorough inspection, reconditioning to original factory specifications and testing in a production environment.  With a chemistry-free Certified Pre-Owned CTP system you can affordably streamline plate production and you are ensured to receive a high quality device built to last.  

Certification Features

  • Each device passes a comprehensive mechanical and safety inspection
  • Reconditioning is performed to the highest standard by a skilled team of Presstek CTP experts
  • An extensive selection of parts are replaced to ensure peak performance
  • Laser system is calibrated to original specifications
  • A new RIP computer replaces the old and new RIP software is installed
  • Performance testing is conducted to ensure the device operates to original specification levels
  • Backed by Presstek's service and support

One Purchase Price for a Complete Turnkey System

  • Delivery, standard rigging and installation
  • A full 1-year warranty (same warranty as new CTP systems)
  • A new RIP computer and the latest version of Presstek Momentum RIP software
    (a combined value of $8,245!)
  • A free box of plates (50-count), customer to indicate size at time of order
  • Plate punch (a $3,162 value!)
  • AMS unit for ablation debris (for the Dimension Excel CTP system)
  • External plate rinse system (for the Dimension Excel CTP system)

Service Maintenance Agreements

Your factory refurbished Certified Pre-Owned CTP system is covered under warranty for a full year, just as if you were buying new.  We recommend extending your warranty with a Service Maintenance Agreement to cover any parts, labor, software and technical phone support needed in the future.  Ask about our discount program for purchasing a 1-year extended warranty at or before system installation.

Models and Specifications

The table below is a summary of specifications. To have a representative contact you with current inventory and pricing, please call 1-603-595-7000 Ext: 4170, e-mail us, or complete the form below. 

CTP Model Chemistry-free
Plate Type
Plate Size
Vector FL52
Freedom Pro plate
25,000 impressions

Selectable over the range
L: 14.375"-19.875"
(365-505 mm)
W: 11"-18" (280-457 mm)
and 20"-20.66" (508-525 mm)

up to 16 plates per hour 2400 dpi
up to 175 lpi
Dimension425 Excel
Anthem Pro plate
100,000 impressions
26.771" x 30.708"
(680 x 780 mm)
up to 11 plates per hour 2540 dpi
up to 200 lpi

Dimension425 Excel      


                  Vector FL52




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