What Sets Presstek Plates Apart?

Exceptional Quality … Exceptional Service

Presstek is committed to supporting the offset printing needs of commercial printing businesses of all sizes. This commitment includes a robust and growing portfolio of digital plates and a network of expert application specialists to support them. Our plates deliver the highest quality and our service is unmatched in the industry.

“We chose the Presstek Compass 8030 with Aeon plates. This was a business decision based on price and performance. But our decision was also influenced by the customer-centric approach we saw from Presstek. Of everyone we looked at—and we looked at everyone—Presstek was willing to provide us with the most service."

Oscar Gonzalez, Prepress Manager
Bellak Color, Miami, FL

Long-RunThermal Plates Thermal Plates

Presstek Aeon is a no pre-heat positive working plate designed to be easily integrated into your existing CTP workflow. Aeon delivers improved efficiency in your prepress department and pressroom at a competitive cost.

  • Easily integrates into your existing workflow
  • 1 million+ impressions baked
  • 830nm spectral sensitivity
  • Robust pressroom performance

Chemistry-free Thermal Plates

Presstek’s award winning chemistry-free plates are recognized for providing high-resolution images and superior on-press performance. After imaging, only a simple rinse with water is needed. No chemical processing or special handling is required. The variables and cost associated with chemistry-based plate making is eliminated, resulting in fast, accurate and repeatable results. Presstek’s chemistry-free thermal CTP plates include Zahara Waterless plates, Freedom Pro, Anthem Pro, Aurora EXP, and PearlDry.

JT-BL Inkjet Plates Inkjet Plates 

Presstek's chemistry-free JT Direct Inkjet Plate enables for a low-cost, simple plate production solution that provides pleasing color every time. Offering run lengths up to 20,000 impressions, the JT aluminum plate is designed to be imaged on a standard Epson inkjet printer using standard inks.

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