Testimonials for the Presstek 52DI-AC Digital Offset Press

The Presstek 52DI-AC is a highly automated four-color digital offset press with an in-line aqueous coater that goes from digital file to sellable sheets in 10 minutes with up to 300 lpi and stochastic screening. The 52DI-AC is a landscape format press that has a maximum sheet size of 20.47” x 14.76” it produces up to 10,000 sheets per hour. Anilox metering precisely measures and controls the amount of coating being applied, reducing waste and further enhancing the quality of the printed sheet.


Impressions Alliance 9000 Improves Customer Loyalty

    Impressions Alliance 9000
    Quebec, Canada
    Presstek 52DI-AC


Expanding Market Appeal with a Presstek 52DI-AC

    Bicester, UK
    Presstek 52DI-AC




Presstek 52DI-AC Spurs Growth

    MSP Digital Marketing
    Hudson, MA | Rockaway, NJ
    Presstek 52DI-AC



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