DI® Digital Offset Presses

“The Presstek 75DI digital offset press is a game-changer for us because of its sheet size, capabilities and sheer speed… our customers were so excited about this new press that while the press was being assembled on the floor and before the first production job even came off of the press, we had more than a million impressions lined up for it!”

-Robert Pettway, Manager, EDM, General Services and Mail Operations,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee 

DI® Business Impact

As the role of print in the overall media mix continues to change, print service providers are looking for innovative ways to address changing customer requirements. Each day it becomes easier for marketers and other buyers of print to turn to alternative online and mobile media. Yet print still has a very significant role to play in customer and other business communications—and always will.

The key to success for a printing business in this highly fluid environment is to ensure that they have the capability to deliver what print buyers really want—affordable, very high quality, short-run, full-color, fast turnaround printing of a wide range of materials. Most runs today fall in the 500 to 20,000 impression range, one of the few growing volume segments in print. Conventional offset is not designed to profitably produce runs of these lengths while toner based equipment is too expensive to operate profitably at these run lengths and they support a limited range of stocks.

That is where the family of Presstek DI digital offset presses comes in. These highly automated digital offset presses feature a compact footprint and very high quality (300 lpi or stochastic/FM screening) produced at as little as one penny per page.

With a DI Press, You Can…

  • Eliminate the steps and expense associated with conventional platemaking. Chemistry-free plates are simultaneously imaged on press, in precise register
  • Profitably address the fastest growing segment in the printing marketplace—full color runs of 500 to 20,000
  • Operate your pressroom with less skilled staff, accommodating the growing issue of finding and retaining highly trained press operators
  • Improve turnaround time by producing sellable sheets from digital files in as little as six minutes.
  • Improve the profitability of both toner-based and offset printing cost centers by applying the most appropriate technology to each job in a hybrid production model, effectively bridging the gap between toner and conventional offset printing.
  • Reduce your environmental impact with chemistry-free imaging, waterless printing, and reduced waste.
  •  Make your business more capable, profitable and competitive. 

 Presstek 75DI

 Presstek 52DI-AC

 Presstek 34DI

 Presstek 52DI

Presstek 34DIPresstek 52DI-ACPresstek 52DIPresstek 75DI

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